Downsizing & Turbocharging 2017

In order to keep up with the requirements of emission legislation even more advanced concepts of turbocharging are an important tool to meet the ambitious emission targets of Euro 7 and worldwide light vehicle driving test cycle in terms of HC reduction and hence raising the engines performance. Thus, spark ignition (SI) and compressor ignition (CI) engines are the core product for gaining more efficiency and economy through sophisticated engine technology such as downsizing and turbocharging.

Nowadays, downsizing technology requires a higher demand on the dynamic response. To keep up with this challenge smaller exhaust gas turbochargers, multi-stage boosting and variable geometry of turbines should help to assure a dynamic response. Also electrical energy supported by an additional electric charge is seen as an effective solution to make boost pressure temporarily available.

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IQPC`s 9th International Conference "Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging" is designed to be a networking platform for all experts, who are involved in the development of the boosting technology as well as engine designers, component manufacturers and the supplier industry to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange and learn how to:


Gain insight into next-generation boosting concepts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles


Learn about latest advancements of e-boosting in the context of 48 V


Benefit from novel application of hybrid and exhaust wast energy recovering systems to enhance heat transfer to significantly raise performance


Find out about latest testing methods and advanced simulation of turbocharging technology


Discuss current and future legislation and market aspects and up-to-date experiences to reduce CO2

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